The Ridge Student Ministry

Student Ministry Fall 2017

Middle School and High School Student Ministry at TRC is about…



This is a time in life when students face overwhelming pressure. Pressure to be accepted by their peers. Pressure to live up to their perfect life they portray on social media, pressure for grades, pressure with “well everybody’s doing it”.  Teen suicide, school shootings, STD’S, bullying, binge drinking, drug addiction, online porn, all are on the rise in this generation.

At The Ridge Church we believe pre-teens and teens at this age need to have a place to have clean fun, hang out with the right kind of friends, learn how to make wise decisions, discover the plan God has for them and learn how to serve God and others.  Why do so many students graduate from HS and leave the church for good?  They leave for good because they found church boring, nerdy and the Bible irrelevant. 

We are changing that at TRC!  Our Sunday morning service is produced not only reach adults but to be relevant for students as well.  Pastor Mike is an experienced youth speaker.  Our youth group events and retreats are designed to have fun and more. While having fun we are able to teach the Bible in an understandable way using key speakers and video testimonies of star Christian athletes and musicians that teens can relate to like Tim Tebow, former NFL player and Bethany Hamilton of Soul Surfer.  Many of our HS graduates are now part of our Young Adult / College Age Ministries.  They chose to stay in church when they could choose not to leave. Why, what does that tell you? They had a great experience in church growing up and want it to continue. They are already making wise decisions.  As we build our youth group we want your teen to join in on the Faith, Fun, Food, and Friends and discover God’s purpose for their life and make it a life long Journey for God.